Complete solutions for barcodes

Barcodes that fit almost all your needs and can be fixed wherever they are needed.

Save time with more accurate processes and eliminate human error through the identification of products. With barcodes you can effectively standardize and increase your profit – we will help you to achieve this simply.

Will you use barcodes internally? Or do you need to help a customer or a customer’s customer. The only real limitation is your imagination on how you can implement your barcode solutions.

We help you to identify industry requirements, type and its introduction into the production/manufacturing process. We can also use existing systems to create data and link information on traceability and staff training. We offer all the expertise in barcode technology and a little extra. Contact one of our specialists here.

This is how you bring up the relevant bar codes for your company.

For our work to be as smooth as possible, you need to gather information on:

  • Where and in which environments the barcode should be included in.
  • How will you apply the barcodes to your product?
  • When and how the staff should handle it in the best way.

We will gladly help you if you have any questions or thoughts about this information.

The right barcode and equipment for the right requirement

There are more barcode types then stripes on a Zebra. And to make your job easier for you, we have trained experts to find one that suit your industry, your requirements for quantity of data and specific technical equipment.

What barcode needs does your business have? Frequently barcodereaders are usually connected via Bluetooth or USB. Usually, these can be configured to communicate with a host system. But how do you solve the requirement of carefully selected lines of communication and data sets? We can help you with both barcode and equipment. We will gladly help you both with the bar code and the equipment.

Choose a system that can grow with you.

Have you invested good money and a lot of time in an ERP or a warehouse system? Instead of replacing it we will work with you to develop unique solutions that are “built” into existing processes software and equipment. This makes it easy to work with bar codes, labels and data collection in the production, even for those who still work with paper, pen or use verbal instructions.

Read more about barcodes and branch standards at Gs1.