Online label printing

A label printing system with a world of possibilities

The new generation of label system brings substantial benefits to companies with production units in different locations in the world. With online label printing, labels can be designed, uploaded to the cloud and be available for an unlimited number of authorised users, regardless of geographical location, all at the same moment. Suppliers, partners and employees can print labels wherever they are and at any time of the day, by a permission-driven login. No local software is required for either computers or label printers. Fast, safe and cost effective. Grafokett supplies, installs and implements. We call it Grafokett Online.

Get more security and quality with online label printing

Grafokett Online collects all the data in a common database, which each user can access via their login name and password. It provides an efficient central overview. The tool for changing layouts is in the same place and the risk of incorrect labeling is minimized, because the user cannot make changes by mistake. The label system provides a unified graphical expression and scale according to all production units, regardless of the print station’s location in a, town or country.

Save in the cloud

With the labels in the cloud instead of at the warehouse, you can really boost your savings. Not only and mainly in time, but also reduced costs through fewer shipments and reduced environmental impact. No local software is required. No more pre-printed labels in small volumes in language versions. None of your warehouses requires updates. All you need are a few small label sizes covering the whole range of label requirements. With online label printing, you no longer need to make changes to the design or the data or any punching tools, printing plates and to long delivery times.

With uniform equipment, and identical configuration you use the same colour ribbon and the same type of label. Centralised purchasing provides cost efficiencies and simplifies service and maintenance.

Service and support

When you buy into Grafokett Online we can help you with a feasibility study, installation and implementation. We also offer our central service agreement for label printers – ReCare, at a fixed price. This includes everything: the print head, drive roller, rollers and sensors.

Grafokett is available for personalised telephone support on weekdays between 08:00 and 17:00. If necessary we can also provide on-site service.

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