Get the advise you need, at online store pricing

We believe that it should be easy to purchase products and services, which is why we also believe that you should use Grafokett as your supplier of labels, ribbons, label printers, tablets, barcode readers, mobile computers, mobile work stations, solutions for traceability, and label solutions for your organization.
Let us guide you, as your company dives deeper into the digitalization era.

1. We help you select the right product

Whether you are looking for a label printer, barcode reader, tablet, or consumables, as our customer, you will get the guidance and advise you need, before you decide which products you want to buy. We will help you meet the demands and needs, for a successful implementation in your organization.

2. You decide what you want to pay for

We want to see as many people as possible, having the opportunity to work with the right tools in their business. Perhaps you don’t know which printer, tablet or barcode reader you need, but you have the know-how, to implement and configure it, in house?
Grafokett gives you the option to pay less for the product, and take care of the rest yourselves. Or, add some money, and rely on our knowledge and experience, even after you have received the products.

Online pricing

A lower price, comparable to the same products, in an online store, or at dealers who sell other IT-products, as their core business.

  • Advise and guidance before purchase

  • Wide selection of products

  • Competitive pricing

  • You install and configure

Full service

Easy startup, Functionality guarantee och 3 months free user support.

  • Easy startup – Our technicians help you with installation and configuration

  • Functionality guarantee – regardless whether you have used the product, or not

  • 3 months free user support

Easy startup* provides you with guidance via remote support tool or by phone, to install necessary software/drivers and configure the product(s) in your own environment. Functionality guarantee** means that if it turns out that we have recommended a product that doesn’t work as intended, you have the option to return it, and we will offer you an alternative. The guarantee is valid regardless whether you have used the product or not. 3 months free support*** gives you access to our support team during weekdays 08.00-17.00 (excluding Swedish bank holidays), to help you with the products you have purchased from Grafokett.
* You have access to 15 minutes of expert help, after we have delivered the product(s)/service(s). The time slot must be booked and scheduled within 30 days, after receiving the product/service.
** We guarantee that the product we advise you to purchase, works as expected, based on the need you have described. Only products delivered by Grafokett are covered. Functionality guarantee must be claimed within 30 days after receiving the product/service.
*** Access to 3 months free support upon delivered product(s) and/or service(s). Only products delivered by Grafokett are covered during the period.

When your demands are the highest, you can rely on a label printer from Grafokett

One of the first questions we ask anyone looking for a label printer, is what type of label they will be  printing? Then, depending on the answer, we may have a few more questions. The important thing to take with you, is that we at Grafokett help you find the right model and configuration, based on your needs.
For example, if you are unsure of the resolution you need on the printer, we can help you by printing samples of the labels you will be printing. When you see the result, we believe the decision will be easier to make.

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