A closer look at labels, standards, traceability and digitalisation.

Together with speakers from the sector, current topics that concern the entire value chain are aired. Is Digital Transformations still a Buzzword or is there more to it?
Can we standardise our way to a perfect world where everything is traceable?

After LabelDay™ 2018, here comes a follow-up in a slightly smaller format, but with the same orientation and concept; a forum on neutral territory to network and look towards the future. We at Grafokett© work on a daily basis with issues that involve innovation within labelling, digitalisation, traceability and data collection in existing supply chains.

One of the world’s leading actors in Label Management is speaking on “Digital Transformation in Supply Chain Labelling”, with international companies as reference.

Swedish GS1 will share their knowledge on traceability, with special focus on standardisation.

International actors are under pressure to digitalise their flows, which sets completely new requirements on labels, while country-specific legislative requirements and industry regulations make the issue even more complex. Companies therefore need to increase their knowledge of labelling and develop the traditional label into a valuable, innovative and unique information carrier.

LabelDay by grafokett

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