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Barcode readers for every business

Scanning a barcode has never been easier, all you need to do is to get a scanner and connect it to your wanted device. And you’re done.

There’s many factors to take into considerations when you’re choosing what scanners to go for. For example the reading distance, the size of the barcode, content of the barcode or the location of the barcode. These are some of the things you need to take into account. We have many years of experience in asking the correct questions, in order to find the right solution for you.

DS2200 series

Affordable barcode reader for 1D & 2D-codes

2D-codes is getting more and more common. It’s being used in everything from product labeling such as clothes, groceries and other retail products. To warehouse location labeling or
electronic product labelling.

With DS2208 (corded) or DS2278 (cordless) your personal can scan any type of barcodes regardless if the barcode is directly on a product or if you need to scan it on a electronic display.

DS4600 series

Flexbible barcode reader designed for retail

DS4600 series can be used to scan big ungainly goods in the customers shopping cart, the customers drivers license, coupons on your customers cellphone, small labels on jewelry or data on travelling documents.
The reader offers longer reading distances and even if the barcode is small and of poor quality, the reader will scan the barcode fast and reliably.

Does your staff spend a lot of time verifying the content of the boxes at the receiving department?

Let Grafokett Online help

DS8100 series

The ultimate barcode reader when you need to collect data.

Top of the clas reader with an extremely fast a precise scanning-motor. It scans the barcode fast and precisly regardless of the barcode size and quality. The DS8100 series is using interchangeable batteries with power precision technology which provides easier management and current health information on your battiries with Zebras remote management tools.
The DS8100 series is “WiFi-friendly”, which means that wireless connection between the device and base unit wont interrupt other wireless connections. It also has support for the Digimarc technology that is based on digital watermark technology.

DS3600 serien

Superior performance when it comes to scanning barcodes!

The reading distance of the DS3600-series is unbeatable with it’s impressive 21,4 meter reading range.

The scanner motor is available in many different options to meat the requirment of your business. One of these options is the DPM modell,
DPM stands for Direct Part Marking och it puts new requirments on your reading equipment.

The DS3600 series scanners are ultra rugged and IP67 certified. The scanner can survive a fall from 2.4 meters and can be dropped up to 5000 times. It works in any weather, it does not matter if it is raining, snowing or if you are using the scanner in direct sunlight. The DS3600 seriers scanners will still work!

What barcode scanner is best for you?

Find the scanner that suits your need and requirements. A simple guide to help you make the right choice.

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Zebra OneCare® Services

Minimize unwanted downtime in your production with top of line class service from the manufacturer

Every day products from Zebra Technologies is being used. And being able to trust that your equipment will be working properly is essential and that your labels will be printed with the same quality during the entire day, every day year after year