Project Description

Demonstrate unauthorized infringement of product, ensure authenticity and make copying difficult

Depending on your requirements, labels can be obtained with different types of security features. You may want to seal a package. Or maybe demonstrate unauthorized intrusion into product that falls under warranty. To ensure authenticity by making copying difficult to protect their trademark.


There is different methods and solutions available

The purpose could be just to seal a box with a label instead of tape, or just as a warranty seal. There are several solutions, from brittle and tamper evident foils to high-tack materials which confirms that the seal or the box has been tampered with. These materials can be supplied printed or plain, depending on your application. Please contact our specialists for more information.

Tamper evident

Make sure that the label  can’t be reused

Equipment’s which requires annual certifications and inspections are normally sealed/marked with a label that confirms the latest date of inspection. To prevent inappropriate use, removal or tampering of the label and/or printed information, certain security materials are used, such as void, checkerboards and ultra-destructible synthetics. These can also be used to seal joined and mounted parts or to cover counter sunk screw holes for warranty protection purposes. Please contact our specialists for more information

Authentication – Protecting trademarks

Prevent piracy by adding security solutions to your products. You can also protect your brand and strengthen your trademark with imbedded micro text, smart label functions, 3D effects etc, DNA colours, UV printing etc. With today’s technology, this can be done at a lower cost than previously, so please contact our specialists for more information.

Application example

Combine security with profiling and create effective protection that cannot be copied or reused. 3D effect with built-in safety makes your product more unique, difficult to manipulate and you can be sure of handling repairs or other adjustments performed by only authorized personnel.

Does your staff spend a lot of time verifying the content of the boxes at the receiving department?

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