Project Description

From a sticker to an advanced information carrier

One of the old main purposes with the sticker was to show the price of a product or the receiver of the letter or the parcel, but the time has changed.

It can be everything from a neutral plain label to an advanced security product with inbedded RFID inlays, printed microtext and 3D effects.

Compliance and standards move the technology forward, setting the rules of how information is to be captured, received, stored, and transferred. However, for those outside the frames set by the standards, there are limitless opportunities in how to promote your products and trademarks and protect them against product piracy and counterfeiting.

Contact us and explain your needs. We are looking forward to explaning expressions such as smart labels, void, destructable, piggy-back, opaque, checker board, paint label, 3D effects, multilabel, folder and booklet labels, etc.

Help me – I don’t know what to choose

Does your staff spend a lot of time verifying the content of the boxes at the receiving department?

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