Superb 3D labels that stand out, impossible to forge

Do you want a product that cannot be faked? Would you also stick your neck out and build your brand? Then we can offer you 3D security labels that both stand out and enhance the visual impact of your business identity. They are the new generation of security labels that is impossible to fake, and where you can guarantee that the end product is the real thing.

For us, only the best is good enough. Therefore we cooperate with Rolling Optics the world leader in the development of 3D micro-optical substrate for application or incorporation in packaging, primarily as converted labels. In addition, we have extensive expertise backed up by twenty-five years of experience and are with you throughout the process of your 3D labelling – from the start to the finish.

Our 3D labels – custom design with endless possibilities
You can get your own 3D designs, or choose one of the standard products concerning warranty and original seals. Or are you maybe looking for security seals? There are endless possibilities with these labels where you can get the RFID solution, special glue and sealing. Forget dull dome labels, shock your competitors and customers using 3D labels.

We are willing to go as far as your project requires. When we retrieve 3D labels, we don’t only work with your design, but may also be involved in developing the idea “from scratch”. And when we finally arrive at a solution, you, of course, have alternatives to choose from. Our concept: Nothing is impossible, Remarkable.

Do you want to know more about these unique security labels and how your business can stand out? Contact one of our specialists for more information.