Grafokett Welcome - Always welcome, always secure

Grafokett Welcome

A smarter visitor system 365 days a year

Increase security, present a professional impression and avoid the hassle – choose Grafokett Welcome to your visitor system.

The first impression is the most important. No matter who your visitors are, you always want to present yourself as the “best self” every day of the week. And when it comes to de-authorisations, your property is protected in an efficient manner throughout the year. How do you do it in an automated way? With Grafokett Welcome, you get a smarter system that gives your business:

  • Increased safety and security for staff
  • Protection against unauthorised persons from having access to the premises without being enrolled in the system
  • Professional treatment
  • The visit is announced upon arrival by email or SMS
  • The system is always updated, as the visitor announces his departure

Use a simple, secure and smart visiting system

Our visiting system allows you to easily record and manage your visitors. This is regardless of whether it’s one person or a whole department that is visiting. And your staff do not need to enter the visitors, saving valuable time and possibly making for more efficient meetings.

Security always comes first. Therefore, there is always an updated list of the visitors who are on the premises in the event of an accident or fire. Through the system, you can also clearly see who visitors are visiting and where in the facility they are located.

We wanted to make Grafokett Welcome as easy as possible. Therefore, our visitor system is operated by a single person or through a network that many clients can have access to. It does not matter if Grafokett Welcome is installed on a single computer at a desk or in a central computer – it works just as well anywhere.

It grows as you grow

What features would you add? With our visitor system, a convenient on-screen keyboard is included as well as logging in and out. You can also add bar code logging out, which ensures that you always have current registered visitors. Why not add a number of stations that the visitor can log out of or announce their departure?

We can customize our solution to suit your needs, or better yet –
Contact one of our specialists, and we’ll come out and show Grafokett Welcome on site.