Grafokett aims to provide you with the highest possible level of service, regardless of communication method.
How do you perceive your first or last contact with our staff?

Treating service / support

Grafokett works with a support tool called Live Agent * to be able to help you with the shortest possible lead time. How do you perceive our ability to support you in connection with your question?

Product / Industry knowledge

Grafokett intends to be the best in class in terms of our industry and our products. We consider ourselves to be asking the right questions and believe we are careful to ask the right questions so that it will be right from the beginning. How well do you think we have succeeded in this?

Delivery precision

Grafokett aims to deliver your products to the right place, at the right time, and on the promised date.
Do you think we meet these goals?

Value for money

Grafokett aims to deliver the right products in terms of customers' needs in terms of quality and function and at the right price. How well do you perceive Grafokett to succeed in this?


Method of communication

Grafokett wants to communicate with you as you prefer. Which method is most suitable for you?

Quality & Environment

Grafokett works actively with our quality and environmental system, and therefore aims to exceed your quality and environmental requirements. How well do you perceive that we fulfill your wishes?

Recommended improvements

How can we improve?

Recommendation power

Would you recommend Grafokett to a business contact?