Grafokett Online 3 release: News, updates and new features

Grafokett Online 3.0 - New release

The latest release of our cloud-based label management software, Grafokett Online 3.0, is now officially live. This is a big release that gives Grafokett Online a completely new look and introduce several major updates.

This is a great step towards our vision on making labels available in the cloud, not just for big enterprise companies but for everyone.

Business critical systems like CRM, ERP, MES all move to the cloud. The labels must follow, and we have created next generation solution for labeling. As it should be, easy, cost-effective, and secure.

By building a label management solution from the ground up we can deliver a cost-effective solution regardless of if you use a Windows, Mac or something else. With the power of NiceLabel’s technology in creating labels we make labels available in the cloud for all label printers in the world, says Olof Hultberg CTO of Grafokett.

New in Grafokett Online 3.0

One of the biggest updates is the new pricing structure where we have introduced a free tier (not a free trial) that gives you the opportunity to get started with Grafokett Online completely for free.

And feature wise these are some of the biggest highlights in version 3.0:

  • Improved UI and a better user experience
  • QA approval and versioning
  • Improved data import
  • Compliant with Mac OS
  • Trigger print with scanner
  • Admin not needed on local computer
  • Send multiple labels to different printers
  • Specify role-based permissions

These are just some of the biggest updates but there is more news in this release. Interested to learn more about Grafokett Online and what it can do for your company.

Read more about Grafokett Online here or book a demo with our team.

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