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Loftware – Nicelabel Designer basic training

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About the training

The course is held via Microsoft Teams and is a basic education that gives you good knowledge of NiceLabel Designer.

After the course, you can create basic business label templates to use in your business, we go through simpler standards and barcodes, how to use images and text objects to create professional labels that suit different industries and businesses.

Target group

  • Label Designer – Do you have the responsibility to create and update your labels? With this course you learn to minimize the time to create and make changes to your labels
  • Quality manager – Do you have the responsibility to verify that your labels are correct? After this training, you will be able to simplify your workflow and minimize the risk of mislabelling.
  • IT manager – Are you responsible for your IT environment and labelling ends up on your desk? Are looking for a simple tool that has a low learning to handle all your labelling needs. Then this training is for you
  • Logistics Manager – Do you know your logistics? Are you in need to review the labeling of your goods in uniform and simple way? Do you want a simple, scalable and easy-to-maintain labelling system then this is for you.

Course content

During the course we will present NiceLabel Designer in an interactive way for you to get a basic understanding of the user interface and its functionality.

The course will be held via Microsoft Teams where we have a presentation mixed with exercises where you yourself learn functions that give you the possibilities to create your own labels. There will be three different exercises where you learn to create labels with barcodes, images, dynamic and static text and condition management of different objects.

The course also contains a quick demostration of NiceLabel solutions builder.

After the course you will have a good foundation to build on. And you should be able to create your own first labels.

Prerequisites and requirements

  • There is no technichal prerequisites.
  • NiceLabel Designer installed, trial version is OK. And Microsoft Teams needs to be installed.
  • Windows is required to be able to isntall NiceLabel

After the course you will know the following

  • Have a basic understanding of functions available in Loftware NiceLabel Designer
  • Create your first labels.
  • How to use objects like pictures and barcodes in your labels.
  • How to create a basic printing form / solution.
  • How to use objects in your labels, for example
    • Pictures
    • Barcodes
    • Text boxes and Rich Text boxes
    • Createa and use functions.
    • Condition management

Course material

After the course we send the following.

  • PDF of the presentation
  • Example labels
  • Q&A material


Training takes place via Microsoft teams with a presentation mixed with exercises where participants themselves can create labels in NiceLabel.

Price / number of participants

Participation fee: 395€ (excluding VAT)
Minumum of 3 participants for the course to start

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