Project Description

Overlays for a unique and specific
front and control panels

Do you need protection that can withstand anything, come rain or come shine? 

Overlays are used in a variety of electronic and electromechanical products. They are manufactured in various transparent materials, which are “built” from the bottom up. This results in the surface and printed image being protected against abrasion, dirt, and chemical damage. Additionally, they are water-repellent and waterproof. 
You can add an adhesive to an overlay, so that it becomes self-adhesive, and you can adapt the adhesion strength, based on the customer’s requirements. 
Overlays can be part of the mechanical design, for example in displays or keypads, but can also act as information carriers or be used for displaying trademarks. 

Active overlays, a control that endure

Active overlays, or membrane switches, are overlays which have been equipped with electronics for buttons, diodes, lights in display windows, etc. They could be summarized in the concept of operator panels. 
These panels are used to control functions of machines, which require easy cleaning, density, and a low profileThis includes products such as: Industrial washing machines and dryers, microwave ovens, control panels for air conditioning, heat pumps and industrial furnaces. 
Active overlays can also be used together with other control systems, touch screens, keyboards and switch panels in cellphones and computers. The possibilities for their useis quite simply almost endless.