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Quick guide to find the correct ribbon

Ribbons are more important than you think 

Printer type, label material, the speed of the printer, the level of quality of the equipment, which ribbon fits your requirement best.

There are three basic qualities of ribbons. Wax is used for standard print to paper labels. Wax/ resin is used for paper labels for more durability, for example, to tolerate chemical and physical abrasion. The resin is the quality that is used in synthetic material and has the best resistance to chemicals, liquids, outdoor conditions, temperatures and other physical stresses. We will help you find the right kind and the right width.

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Are ribbons environmentally friendly?

The technology that gets the pigment from the ribbon to the label is called thermal transfer. It is a dry process where heat and pressure transfers the colour pigment and makes the print resistant to ultraviolet light, scratches and water. Printing can be used directly. The technology generates no hazardous, volatile or organic substances and is, therefore, an environmentally friendly method that does not require special ventilation.

What to consider when choosing your ribbon?

A bad choice of ribbon can lead to costly effects with everything from bad printing to serious disturbances in your supply chain. It is as important for the ribbon to match the labels surface, in the same way the adhesive on the label matches the intended application surface. Make sure that the combination of ribbon and label has been tested. Check with one of our specialists first. We are happy to help you.

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