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Lifespan, environment and requirements

We at Grafokett put your needs at the center to find the label for your specific requirements. Today, labels plays a key role in most supply chains, so if not correctly performed, identification and tracking becomes difficult and time consuming. Contact us and tell us about your needs, and we will tell you more about concepts such as void, tamper evident labelling, piggy-back, opaque, void and checker board materials, paint labels, 3D effects, multi, folder, booklet labels etc.

Transport (Logistics) labels

In Sweden we call the standard sizes “STE” and they are used for the most common carriers such as DHL, Schenker, Postnord and DSV.

Because the service life is short, direct thermal materials are used that do not require ribbons. The most common formats are 105 x 220 mm, 102 x 192 mm and 105 x 251 mm. In our range, these are available on small (1”core) and large rollers (3” core) as well as fan folded.

Tire labels

Used as logistics labels for transport and storage. High-tack adhesive adapted for rubber.

In our range we have i.a. formats 99 x 99 mm and 102 x 192 mm on rolls with 1” och 3” core sizes for different printers. We can of course produce these in other formats as well if you want your own size.

Box & cardboard marking

Easier marking with paper labels

If you need a simple paper label for marking your letters, products, cartons or other, we have a large standard range in sizes from 32 x 19 mm to 150 x 212 mm in different designs for most printers on the market. Just enter the type of printer you wish to use and we will help you determine which label could work for you.

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