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Zebra ZQ Series – Productivity hanging on your hip.

Industries, warehousing & logistics, and all kinds of different manufacturing units have one thing in common; All products and goods need to be traceable in one way or another. We help you create a solution that fit your needs and requirements. Zebra Technologies with their ZQ series delivers labels for all industries, requirements, and readability. Regardless of whether there should be barcodes for traditional scanning, or if you want to invest in RFID to be able to check identities without having visual contact with the product, the printer solves the product marking.

ZQ600 series

If you ask Zebra, The ZQ600 series is best in class, with a multitude of configurations, lots of accessories, along with supportive service alternatives. Print labels, tags, or receipts when and where you need them the most. Quality and performance follow its predecessor, the QLn series. With new design and simplicity, the printer has been taken to a whole new level, suitable for writing receipts, transport labels, but also for product labeling and other areas. It’s easy to load the media (labels or receipt rolls), and a smart display shows the printer status, and simple menu for quick access to battery, media, and wireless reception.

ZQ500 series

The model is developed to meet the market’s requirement for printing RFID labels, without adding unnecessary features and functions. The ZQ520 is the industry’s only printer ready to deliver premium labels programmed and ready with UHF inlay. With technologies such as LinkOS® and simple PrintTouch device pairing, it makes the choice easy for meeting tomorrow’s market, today. Robust and durable with its IP54 enclosure, the ZQ520 handles even colder environments where the printer compensates print speed and darkness to maintain the highest print quality.


For simpler needs, where labels or receipts are to be printed, there is the ZQ300 series. With the legacy of the iMZ series, it comes in two models.
One model for use within four walls, with the possibility to, for example, quickly re-label goods in a store, or being able to process purchases around the store premises.  
A second model, primarily intended to be used outside the four walls of a business, for example delivering goods, while being able to print receipts, delivery notes, etc. on site.  
A big difference to the ZQ600 series is that the ZQ300 is only available with 54.8 & 76.2 mm print width. However, it still has battery with capacity to handle full shift, and it’s just as durable, to handle the unit being dropped.

ZQ200 series

With a smaller display, slim design and only a few buttons, in the ZQ200 series, Zebra still deliver a printer with the most necessary functions a mobile printer needs, in order to deliver high quality printing out in the field.  
Since the ZQ200 automatically sets the speed and darkness settings depending on external temperature differences, the printer is very suitable for applications that need printing in rainy and cold weather, or even when its snowing. If the battery runs out during the work shift, the user easily change it on the spot.

ZQ110 printer

The simplest model, at the lowest cost, is sometimes all that is required, in order to print receipts or  delivery notes on site. ZQ110 weighs as little as 225 g and fits in the pocket of a pair of work trousers. If extra protection is needed, there is a bag to protect the device in tougher environments, or where there is a risk of it being dropped. The only limitation is that only receipts in 54.8 mm width can be printed. However, it still connects easily, just like the other models, with WiFi, Bluetooth or USB.

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Manage your batteries, easily and efficiently

Smart batteries, with power precision technology, make it easy to read the charge & health status of the batteries. Track the total number of charge cycles, to predict the remaining battery life, before change is needed.

Charger, docking stations and mounting

Zebra´s power adapters and products for battery charging, are reliable and robust, to meet the demands of the market. Choose from a wide selection of different accessories, such as battery chargers, charging stations, vehicle chargers etc.

Case and clippers for mobile use.

In order to protect your printer, make sure to cover it with a case. Zebra has many different option for each modell. Custom made products to ensure the printers functionality even in the toughest environments. Combine your case with a belt clip or a shoulder strap so you can bring your printer anywhere.

Cables, mounting kit and other accessories

Custom made cables for each model to ensure secure data transfer in order to minimize downtime. Assembly kits for trucks, assembly stations and vehicles.

Zebra OneCare® Services

Minimize unwanted downtime in your production with top of the class service from the manufacturer

Every day products from Zebra Technologies is being used. And being able to trust that your equipment will be working properly is essential and that your labels will be printed with the same quality during the entire day, every day year after year.


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