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Get started with Grafokett Online

After selecting subscription level that meet your requirements, a few things need to be setup before you can start printing labels. You can manage most things yourself or with help from your internal IT. However, if support is required, our skilled technicians will help you.

  • Register

    Once you have determined the account level, you will receive a welcome message via e-mail, as an account owner you must then log in and prepare the system for start-up.

  • Prepare the system

    You need to create groups for your users, upload labels, install printers and add articles.

  • Invite your users

    Add email addresses to all users, assign them a group and send invitations to everyone at the touch of a button.

Focus on your core business

Let us be responsible for hosting, maintenance and safety so you can do what you do best. Focus on your business, regardless of whether it is to manufacture for others, distribute goods or sell your own products, we can handle everything when it comes to labeling and traceability.

Achieve better results, faster, easier and safer

Grafokett Online is securely hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, ensuring high availability and secure storage of your label information. We benefit from one of the world’s leading players in the cloud with state-of-the-art technology. You are free to focus on your business and achieve better results, faster, easier and safer. With Grafokett Online, you know that your label data is secure and always available.

Information and users in perfect harmony

Label management and its processes are becoming an increasing challenge, several different variants of products, suppliers, large amounts of data, different information channels, different types of hardware, software and geographical barriers. How do you ensure quality and efficiency in an environment of increasing complexity?

Efficient management increases profitability

Grafokett Online is a digital tool for streamlining and automating product labeling in a complex logistics environment. The system is quick to implement, easy to use and provides an easy overview of all print orders. Grafokett Online grows together with your needs and suits companies regardless of size.

Let the cloud do the work

Upload, organize and adjust labels

You import your labels, adjust how data is filled, lock or unlock specific fields and create articles to represent specific products.

Monitor printing orders

Whether you work locally or globally, you can follow the status of your orders in real time.

Save time and use templates

A wide range of standardized labels already exist and are compliant with the customer’s industry.

Automate data input

Connect your business systems and let product data stream in seamlessly.

Compatible printers

Grafokett online supports more than 2500 label printer models from various manufacturers. The system allows you to keep an eye on your printers and assign printer responsibilities to staff.

Support your staff

The system minimizes mistakes. It provides complete information to the staff, eliminating the need to unpack and check contents.


When you sign up for Grafokett Online we will help you with a feasibility study, installation and implementation.

Grafokett is available for personalised telephone support on weekdays between 08:00 and 17:00. If necessary we can also provide on-site service.

User stories

“We save a lot of time on central control and the system facilitates the staff because everything is printed automatically”

Ronny Jensen, AGA Gas A/S

“An easy way for us to create SSCC labels without having to think about standards, barcodes or designing labels. We can focus on our core business and selling or products”

Stefan Dempe, Hedlundgruppen

“Our product boxes needs to have labels with text & barcodes, our suppliers can access their products with thier own product number to print the correct labels online”

Kim Byström, Hydroscand AB

Label samples

Improves your business

  • Fast setup, intuitive and easy to use
  • Centralized management and straightforward task distribution
  • Built for global use, eliminating any geographical barriers
  • Complete control and clear overview of the printing process
  • All printing-related servers, drivers and IT are taken care of
  • Effortless printer setup
  • Increased traceability
  • Preventing mistakes

Meets your requirements

  • You receive or distribute physical pack- ages and products on a regular basis.
  • You want centralized control over your supply chain labelling.
  • You need visibility and scalability in your supply chain.
  • You want to reduce labour costs.
  • You want to minimize product recalls and shipping delays.
  • You have multiple branches or suppliers in different countries.

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