Project Description

Zebra OneCare® Support Services

Minimize unwanted downtime in your production with top of the class service from the manufacturer

Every day products from Zebra Technologies is being used. And being able to trust that your equipment will be working properly is essential. To know that your labels will be printed with the same quality  every day year after year is essential. If a unit stops working it’s of the utmost importance that the unit will be repaired and taken back into production as soon as possible. Each minute the unit is out of order could mean a possible loss of delievery. The result of this could be goods that is returned or invoices that cant be sent. Avoid unnecassry downtime and get a Zebra OneCare agreement for your device.


  • Comprehensive coverege – If it’s broken. Zebra will get it repaired.

  • If an accident happens, plus normal wear and tear

  • Live support 8 hours a day, 5 days a week

  • 3 day repair


  • Everything that’s included in Essential

  • 24×7 live technical support (English)

  • Same day delievery of replacement equiptment

  • Spareparts is handled as a “customer pool”


  • Everything that’s included in essentials and select

  • Assistance with updating software

  • One contactperson for all your service

  • Incident management via Zebra´s Management Device Service Desk

What level to choose?

If you already got a device from Zebra Technologies then you would know that they are made to last, but accidents do happen and your staff want to solve the issue as soon possible so they can use the equipment again

An example with label printer that is uncommon is that your staff is stressed rips tears off the labels in the wrong direction with makes the liner to break on the wrong spot. This in turn can be reason for the adhesive to get stuck on the wrong place. And when the next print is sent to the printer, the printer then takes back the label about 3mm (so it can print the entire label) which could result in the label getting stuck on the platen roller. When this happens they staff wants to solve it as soon as possible and cuts it loose with a knife, calibrates the printer and goes on as per usual. What often happens when you do this is that when cutting of the label your staff will also cut into the platen roller, that is made of rubber. This will decrease the quality of the prints and it will only get worse over time. If you are unlucky the label can also get stuck in the printhead, that is the part that is printing your label. And the printhead is amongst the more sensitive parts of your printer, and getting labels stuck there can damage your printer. And if that happens you might have to replace the printhead that is pretty simple to do however it is one of the more expensive parts of the printer. If you purchase a service agreement directly when you get your printer, both of these parts are included. You may choose from 3 or 5 years for the Zebra OneCare service agreement.