Welcome to Grafokett!

A service company that offers great service. At Grafokett you get specialist help straight away!

We can provide personal professional telephone support and, if necessary, also provide service on site and we can quickly get to you within the golden triangle – from Stockholm to Angelhom to Gothenburg and back again.

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Gasverksgatan 21
262 34 Ängelholm
Order: 0431-47 43 00


Askims Verkstadsväg 5A
436 34 ASKIM
Tel: 031-706 16 30


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Bank: Danske Bank

IBAN Account:
SEK SE7412000000012080178520
EUR SE4612000000012080178539
Domicile: Ängelholm

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Grafokett’s employees are the key to the success of our company. They enjoy their work, are passionate about what they do and are fully committed to serving our customers. Almost none of us found Grafokett through job ads, but through their own interests and contacts. Are you interested in coming to work for Grafokett? Then you are welcome to contact us.

Call me:
Daniel Nehl, Chief Executive Officer
Phone +46(0)8-450 99 69


Adriano Zimonyi
Adriano Zimonyi

Sales Manager, a specialist in labels for gas suppliers and the manufacturing industry
Phone: +46 (0)431-47 43 01
E-mail: adriano.zimonyi@grafokett.com

Ingemar Järdler
Ingemar Järdler

Key Account Manager, a specialist in labels for the electronics industry and overlays
Phone: +46 (0)431-47 43 05
E-mail: ingemar.jardler@grafokett.com

Daniel Nehl
Daniel Nehl

Chief Executive Officer, a specialist in product labelling
Phone: +46 (0)8–450 99 69
E-mail: daniel.nehl@grafokett.com

Olof Hultberg
Olof Hultberg

Chief Technology Officer, a specialist in tech and label solutions
Phone: +46 (0)31-70 61 631
E-mail: olof.hultberg@grafokett.com

Mikael Brixhall
Mikael Brixhall

Chief Procurement Officer/Quality/Executive Vice President, a specialist in procurement and quality
Phone: +46 (0)431-47 43 07
E-mail: mikael.brixhall@grafokett.com

Helena Bergström
Helena Bergström

Chief Marketing Officer/Back Office, Customer service specialist
Phone: +46(0)84509970
E-mail: helena.bergstrom@grafokett.com

Hampus Lindén
Hampus Lindén

Account Manager/Back Office, Customer service specialist
Phone: +46(0)431474308
E-mail: helena.bergstrom@grafokett.com

Robin Nyman
Robin Nyman

Support Engineer, a specialist in support
Phone: +46 (0)31-706 16 33
E-mail: robin.nyman@grafokett.se

Bernt Nehl
Bernt Nehl

Chairman of the board