Project Description

Simple, but powerful applications and tools


Grafokett are experts with complete solutions for labels and labelling.

Our range includes easy to use software for label design for labelling and traceability, for example, NiceLabel and Zebra Designer. The tools are simple and easy to grasp, yet they include advanced features. For example, the ability to connect to a database to select data and to create and manage variables.

Cloud labelling with Grafokett Online

Design your labels with NiceLabels powerful designer on your local PC, distribute print jobs local and/or global. Integrate or keep it standalone with easy to use data imports. Use it as a complement to NiceLabel or make it your only printing solution, that is your choice.

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NiceLabel – small local printing to global cloud solutions

A complete set of tools to manage labelling challenges in your business. Local printing, application builder, automated printing, advanced scripting engine, online printing, version control, document storage online/offline, and more..

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