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“Remarkable solutions for labels barcodes and overlays”

These labels must be able to withstand temperatures ranging from +575°C down to -196°C, oil and solvents, UV light, sand, dirt and mechanical wear. Day after day, year after year.

Grafokett levererar etiketter och märkningsprodukter som kan leva samma spännande liv som produkten de sitter på. Hög kvalitet. Rätt kvalitet. Innovativ teknik. En helt fantastisk vetenskap. Vi är specialister.


Labels have their own science

Grafokett are experts with 25 years of experience. We are brand independent, and have suppliers all over the world.

We rationalise and simplify the labelling process for every industry. We know everything there is to know about our materials, adhesives and durability. Above all, we know how to ask the right question and then listen to the answer. Your needs define functionality, and there may be several solutions.

Brief survival guide

Labels lead the same life as the product they are secured to. They must withstand extreme temperatures, cold winds, salty water, oil, solvents and mechanical wear.
Here’s a quick guide:


We have long experience of industrial labelling solutions and requirement specifications for materials that must be able to withstand the Scandinavian climate and Arctic cold.


We have complete labelling solutions, from printers and ribbons to labels made from the right material, that withstand sunshine and UV light hour after hour, year after year.


We have comprehensive solutions for labels that must meet different national requirements concerning durability in extreme heat and temperature variations.


We know what it takes to survive in harsh environments at sea. We have solutions to tackle salt water, wet winds and mechanical wear.


Spills, oil, dirt, solvents. Labels used for chemical products must meet strict requirements throughout the life cycle.


We supply eco-friendly products and complete solutions for labelling. One single supplier saves time and costs. Lower stock levels, less administration, fewer contacts and less transport.

Global solutions

Grafokett has all of the world’s labelling products, and we also offer global print on-demand solutions that suit global companies with production sites in different places.

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