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Some applications, especially in harsh conditions, requires materials with special characteristics.

The are no standard solutions that can cover all needs and applications, so sometimes the solutions must be tailored from a combination of customer requirements versus the environments and material properties. If the labels are exposed to chemicals, hot and cold environments, UV light or other external conditions, the material should not be selected until it has been thoroughly tested. We can tailor your solutions according to your specific needs and we might even have the products in stock. Please contact our specialists.

Paint label – for extreme applications

Sometimes in automotive applications, there is a need to add an identifier to a product before it has been painted. It is also supposed to withstand the roughest conditions, from exposure to chemicals, gravel spray and pressure washers, in all imaginable weather conditions. Typical applications are mining, harvesting, and excavation equipment’s. Please contact our specialists for more information!

Component & PCB labels

Tracking and traceability för PCBs is critical, so it is of greatest importance that correct supplies are used. The labels and ribbons used must withstand extreme temperatures from wave soldering and ovens, as well as exposure to chemicals, water etc. We have long experience from this area, and we also keep a large number of standard products in stock for this application. Please contact our specialists for more information, we will be happy to help you.

Labelling of Gas containers and petrochemical products

We have a long experience of supplying consumables that needs to conform to the CLP regulation and GHS (Globally harmonised systems)
Please contact our specialists for more information

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