Project Description

Zebra ZD Series – For offices and smaller warehouses

Zebra’s models for offices and smaller warehouses are quick and easy to get started with, and to use.

Built to be as quiet as possible, they are still faithful workhorses, which fit on your desk, on a shelf, or out in the packing area. Although they lack the same possibility to expand with extra accessories, Zebra’s desktop printers produce quality prints, equal to the larger printers, but at a lower cost.

ZD421 series

Are you looking for a smart printer, which is easy to use?

The ZD421 has a nice and fresh design, and is a good choice for printing labels in smaller volumes. An upgrade to its predecessor, the printer can now use both 74 m, and 300 m ribbons, which means that you don’t need to change ribbons as often. It has also become easier to connect the printer to your company’s devices, choosing between USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth.

ZD621 series

When print quality and productivity are important

When print quality and productivity are important, it may be better to look at a slightly more powerful printer. In that case, the ZD621 could be something for you, with all the features and capabilities that the ZD421 has, but with a little more power behind it. There is also a model with a display and 10 buttons, for extra configuration options directly on the printer. 
It’s simply a good printerfor those who want a little more power, print higher quantities of labels, and want to reduce the risk of unexpected downtime.

ZD410 series

A small and flexible printer for shops & offices

ZD410 is often used in connection with visitor management, inventory and price marking of products. Suitable for companies in retail, healthcare, and e-commerce, as the printer itself is small, and can fit almost anywhere. If you still have a lack of space, there is a practical wall bracket, as an accessory.

The model can print up to 56 mm wide, is available with a resolution of 203 or 300 dpi, and can be ordered with a USB-, Ethernet, WiFi or Bluetooth connection.

Backwards compatible when needed

All models in the ZD-series is available with the RS232 connection, something used in older applications. It is often used in industrieson production lines and test equipmentand is supported by picking robots and PLC connected systems.

Make the workday easier for your staff

After many years in the industry, as a leading manufacturer of label printers and their accessories, Zebra has learned what may take extra time, what may be difficult to handle and what sometimes can be difficult to learn. There is a huge amount of accessories and aids for the printers, which not only save both time and money, but also reduce the frustration of the staff, who have to learn how to use new equipment in their daily routines.

Printing labels with permanent print requires a ribbon, which in turn, needs to be changed from time to time.

Most people who handle labels with ribbon, initially find it difficult to assemble. The ribbon needs to be loaded in the right direction, and it may take a while before you get it right. 
That’s why Zebra has developed a model with ribbon cartridges. There are no doubts as to how to load the cassette and it cannot be placed in the wrong direction. The ratio of label to ribbon is 1 to 1.

  • Save time

  • Easy to replace

  • Impossible to load the ribbon incorrectly

  • Replace labels & ribbons at the same time

  • The printer knows when the ribbon is running out

ZD420 is the only model available with a ribbon cartridge option.

Battery pack allows you to take the printer anywhere

Transform your desktop printer into a mobile printer, with a smart battery pack. Fully charged, you it prints labels that correspond to 150 meters of media (based on normal use of graphics, text, and barcodes). Should the battery discharge, the printer can still be used while you recharge it. The battery is fully charged in about 2 hours.

Avaiable for ZD410d, ZD421c/t/d and ZD621t/d. It takes 2 hours to charge the battery.

Work without access to a power outlet

Smart indicator that show current battery status

Need to cut the media after each label, 10 labels or completed print job? You decide

Produce labels individually or batchwise

If you print labels that are to be attached to the product or to a work order, it is practical to have them cut automatically. Order the printer with a cutter and decide when printing, whether the printer should cut each label printed label, after each finished print job, or at any time which is best suited for your purpose.

The cutter module is available for the following models: ZD621, ZD421 and ZD410.

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