Grafokett Online is getting an API to integrate with other systems

Integration API

Label management is an important system for many companies. And Grafokett Online now becomes even more powerful with an integration API that let you connect it to other business systems.

This is big news and opens many possibilities.

The API let you create print jobs in the cloud and print them wherever you want by sending POST request with our Rest API. Simply install a Grafokett Agent to handle all the print jobs on a PC or Mac and start sending requests from your cloud system.

Here are some possibilities with the API:

  • Create trigger in your business system to generate label at the exact right time
  • Add a simple POST request in your production system and make labels print automatically
  • Enable label printing from Android and iOS apps without knowing anything about labels, barcodes or how they work
  • Store order data for later processing online, just set the group and its available in a snap

Common use case

Grafokett Online can be integrated with a wide range of business systems in the cloud, as long as it has a backend with REST API. Everything from ERP systems to e-commerce and logistic systems.

ERP systems is one of the main use cases and they often rely on integrations to other systems to manage various tasks. Up until now the most common way to handle custom label designs has been either by manually printing them from a PC in the production or warehouse, or by creating a report in a tool designed for invoicing, packing slips or lists.

But with the integration API and Grafokett Online you can:

  • Create a professional design that meets not only customer expectations but also laws and regulations that the market demands
  • Trigger all label printing from whatever system is used and let Grafokett Online take care of printing them in the right country, distribution center or even room. Regardless of whether the system is connected in the same network or not

Future development

The integration opens for other systems to create print job in the cloud without having someone even knowing about Grafokett Online as a complete automated labelling solution.

And since we work with modern technologies, we can offer labelling management with printing labels headless from web apps, mobile apps or any other system working with REST API capabilities.

Get in contact with our team if you want to learn more about the integration possibilities and how it could work for your company. Or read more about Grafokett Online and create an account.

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