Introducing the new Grafokett Agent – replacing our existing printer helper

To enable easy automated printing of labels we created a smart tool we call Grafokett Agent that replaced the existing printer helper. This article will go through what Grafokett Agent is, key functionality and features as well as some use cases.

Let us dig in.

The main function of Grafokett Agent is to create a connection between the user’s system holding the business data and Grafokett Online, making it possible to transfer data for label printing and processing print jobs.

It enables easy automated printing of labels by letting Grafokett Agent receive structured flat files that triggers label printing with variable data. One agent can process print jobs for a group of users and distribute the label print outs to the correct printer, regardless of whether the user and system share a network or not.

The future versions of the agent will be able to run as a service, receive data in other formats, transfer label data back to user system, and process print jobs instantly without delays.

What’s new with Grafokett Agent

Our first version of a print utility called printer helper sits on the user’s computer and waits for incoming print jobs to send to the target printer, the result is that a user can be up and running within minutes.

Without the need for installing printer drivers and no need for administrator rights on the local computer. The printer helper works in networks with a proxy server, on both pc and mac.

This powerful feature has been popular with Grafokett Online users, and this core functionality will of course remain in Grafokett Agent.

The Agent has also the capability to:

  • Process print jobs from the integration API
  • Import configurations in the web app to monitor folder(s) and import flat files with label data, create print jobs and make order and article data available
  • Select a print job to inspect details such as user, group, target printer IP address and model
  • Allows the user to select what group to monitor and process print jobs as well as how often to poll for new print job entries
  • Check and test the printers that are setup in the selected to ensure Agent settings is valid

Screenshots of features

Benefits and value for users

There are a lot of benefits with using both the old printer helper and the new Grafokett Agent. Just the core functionality of sending print jobs to a specified target printer is powerful.

And with Grafokett Agent we take it to the next level as one Agent can process multiple folders with different import configurations enabling multiple systems for automated label printing. And, by extending it via the integration API the possibilities are endless.

This may sound very technical so here is an example illustrating a common use case.

Use case: Production and distribution in different countries

A company has one or more systems that needs label printing. Their ERP-system can make POST requests when label printing is triggered, another system can create flat files containing label data. The production site and distribution center are in different countries, whether the manufacturing is done in-house or by a supplier.

All the data can be handled by one Agent in the company´s network, the data is directed to different groups in Grafokett Online. The in-house data is handled by Agent’s setup in the company’s different plants and sites, and the supplier’s data is distributed to the supplier’s agents. Each supplier has a group and an agent installed that handles all the print jobs created in its own group.

The suppliers with less demanding products can manually log in to the web app and select label and the printing order or article to get the correct labels for their specific products.

The results and benefits of using Grafokett Online with Grafokett Agent:

  • Controls the label printing for all stake holders in the supply chain
  • The labels always have the correct barcodes and information
  • Data structure and if the label template needs a re-factor
  • All printing will have the latest layout and data at the exact same time

If this sounds interesting, you can see our different plans and create an account in Grafokett Online to start automating your label printing. Or book a demo with our team to show you the possibilities of both the Grafokett Agent as well as Grafokett Online.

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