Boost productivity with hands-free scanning

Small and light as a feather

RS5100 Ring scanner – low weight, with or without gloves, read every barcode out there

More orders to pick

More shipments to deliver — from raw materials for manufacturing plants to finished goods to distribution centers, retailers and even directly to shoppers.

More incoming shipments to process — ensuring raw materials are available for the production line, finished goods are available to fulfill orders and inventory is available to replenish store shelves.

rs5100 photography product render single trigger front facing le

bring it everywhere, rugged, light and small

  • Weighs about 70 grams and is about a box of matches in size
  • Single or double scan trigger
  • Use it with or without gloves
  • Connect it to TC57, TC70 or some other device with bluetooth
  • Improve hygiene with personal triggers – every staff member can have their own

Accessories and options

  • Charger for 1, 4 or 20 scanner(s)
  • Battery charger for 8 or 40 batteries
  • Scan trigger for left or right handed, or both..
  • Lets workers wear the RS5100 on the side of a finger
  • Increase the battery capacity to 735mAh
  • and more..

Contact us and we will tell you the rest

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