Zebra Printer Trade-Up Programme

How many old label printers do you still use?

A lot of companies will run their label printer until it crashes or someone complains about the quality

Older label printers are often slow, difficult to calibrate, sometimes they have issues connecting to other systems and devices. But perhaps most worryingly, the risk of a printer that brakes down or does not print the entire batch. If the labels is not being printed the products can´t be packed, that will lead to shipment not being sent. The result is no order processed and you won´t be able to send the invoice.

Can you afford production downtime?

Replace your old printer for new technology

You want to know more?

Small to medium companies – labels in your office or smaller warehouse

All the printers in the desktop range are made to work at your desk, be as quite as possible and yet create high quality when you need it.

Manufacturing companies, warehouse and logistics in rugged environments

Printing large batches of labels in rugged environments such as warehouse, logistics, transport or distribution wears the printers down fast. You dare to take a chance on old technology and risk that no products are shipped because the parts are missing?

High capacity 24/7 all year  – Regardless of industry, environment and volumes

Does your printer produce labels during several shifts and sometimes all day long? Will bad quality barcodes result in product recalls and refunds due to lack of traceability in your supply chain? Make the upgrade to a new printer with full access to parts, supplies and service.

Mobile work demands high quality gear

To make the entire shift as flexible as possible a lot of companies prints their labels on mobile printers since they can always be ready without external power or cords.

You need to print labels at your suppliers or at your distribution centers?

Grafokett Online makes label printing easy

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