Invisible barcodes – how does it work?

Protect your brand and secure the product.

Implementation of Digimarc as a complement traditional barcodes is not as easy as it sounds, you need to involve an expert before you design the packaging. The technique needs to be implemented in the digital artwork.

The Artwork is the Barcode

Digimarc makes precise adjustments to the intensity of colors in the package artwork to make a unique machine-readable identifier. The artwork is the barcode, easily scanned, and providing designers with more space on the product to promote the brand.

Supporting the Standards

The global barcode standard organization, GS1, created the UPC and today maintains the identity for products and materials. GS1 US and GS1 Germany have now adopted Digimarc Barcode technology.

A Common Framework

Along with giving shoppers access to brand-generated content via their mobile devices, Digimarc Barcode allows store associates to get up-to-date inventory information and communicate accurately and quickly to shoppers the availability of a particular product.

About Digimarc

Pioneers in a Dynamic, Ever-Changing World
We are a global, values-based organization that believes our employees’ talents, resources and products can help promote a better future, both locally and across the world. We are curious and courageous, and believe we can address challenging issues, such as the traceability and transparency of products across supply chains or the impact of plastic packaging on the environment. We believe the talent of every employee can make a difference.


Trust Grafokett when the industry demands it

We know what questions to ask, in order to find the right equipment, regardless of purpose. Depending on the answers, we usually also have a couple of follow-up questions. But the important take away, is that Grafokett will help you find the product that suits your needs. For example, if you are unsure of which printer resolution to choose, in order to print the labels you want to create, we will help you by printing samples. Then, when you can see the result, we believe that the decision will be easier to make.

We will help you to read the Digimarc barcodes

Watch the video to see how easy it is to read a Digimarc barcode in reality. No more looking to find the barcode somewhere on the product.

The packaging is the barcode

Barcode readers from Zebra

Zebra has been developing readers for Digimarc reading, there is several different models depending on environment and industry. Grafokett will help you regardless of where your company operates, in which industry or for what purpose. We have the knowledge to help you with readers, labels and software for your projects.

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