Vi stödjer musikhjälpen 2018 - Alla rätt att funka olika

Everyone has the right to work differently

Musikhjalpen is a gathering event where the attention is pointed towards human disasters. I it done through a week’s 24-hour broadcast in P3 and SVT Play. In the show, three famous hosts are locked in a studio in a square in a Swedish city. During the week, they receive visits by committed people who contribute in various ways to the fight for this year’s theme. Artists appear and famous people come to visit to engage. As the glue in the whole broadcast, the audience’s song wishes are all contributing to the collection.

This year’s theme is “Everyone has the right to work differently”. People with disabilities are among the world’s most marginalized groups. Of the approximately one billion people, 4 out of 5 live in low and middle income countries where malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, disease and injury are common causes. With disabilities, many are stuck in poverty because they are unable to support themselves and shut out of society because of obstacles and stigma. Many children and young people with disabilities live in isolation, without contact with the environment and are completely dependent on family members. According to estimates, as many as 9 in 10 children with disabilities do not attend school. In really poor families, at worst the child’s need for food and care can be the lowest priority.

UN human rights for people with disabilities were adopted as late as 2006. Important steps have been taken, not least because people with disabilities have fought for their rights, but a lot of work remains. Through Music Assistance, projects can be supported that work for inclusive school and care and increased knowledge in society, as well as targeted interventions in the form of support for families, rehabilitation and aids. Music help has been in Sweden since 2008. It is a collaboration between P3 Sveriges Radio, SVT and Radiohjälpen.

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